Large Bore Tilting Rotary Table

The Rotary Table from UCAM is designed for machining long components.

UCAM is a market leader in precision CNC Rotary Table solutions and offers 4th and  5th   Axis   Rotary   Tables   from Ø125mm to Ø3000mm. The company’s Large Bore Tilting Table is designed for components which are long. The major part of the component can go inside the rotary table and the component can be held at the end near the machining area, thus reducing the need for the tailstock supPicture1.pngport. This also helps in reducing the amount of space required and benefits the user by reduction in costs and faster productivity.


  • Pneumatic/Hydraulic Clamping
  • Pre-loaded Axial Radial Roller Bearing
  • Dual Lead Worm Gear Set
  • Large Thru Bore


UCAM’s 6-Axis Noah Series

The machines from UCAM’s Nimble Machines unit have been incorporated with the latest technology.

Noah series 6-axis CNC gear hobbing machines are equipped with stiff electronic gear box (EGB) to give the best synchronization to generate the most accurate gear profiles. Hob heads, which are provided with precision spindle bearing arrangement, enable precise gear cutting. Noah machines have been incorporated with the latest technology such as direct drive for HOB spindle and work table, which allows the machines to cut gears at very  high  speed to give the highest productivity and quality.



  • 6-Axis CNC controlled
  • Direct Drive Technology in Spindle and Work Table
  • High Precision Electronic Gearing Feature
  • Control System suitable for Hobbing Spur, Helical,Sprocket and Spline
  • Servo Controlled Hob Shift
  • Powerful motor torque for X & Z axis
  • High clamping torque on the swivel axis
  • Auto Hob retraction during power failure


Optional Features

  • Automation for component loading and unloading
  • Linear scale feedback for linear axis
  • Remote diagnostics feature for machine maintenance
  • Box Guide Way
  • Optional customization of Hob Spindle for specific power and speed


Nimble Machine Image cropped.jpgIMG_3011.JPG

The Mint Series Rotary Tables

The new URXH and URX Series Rotary Tables from the portfolio of UCAM rotary table products enables users to give higher cutting forces onto the component, thus reducing the cycle time and increasing productivity.

These Rotary Tables are with very high clamping torque generated by the new technology brake discs which are specially processed to generate higher frictional torque. Also, the clamping area is increased to generate higher clamping forces. The URXH Series compared to others, come with 3 times higher clamping torque (800 Nm @ 5 bar pneumatic pressure). Apart from the higher clamping torque, the URXH series is with a specially molded FRP motor guard which has helped in the reduction of overall weight of the Rotary Table by 6 percent. In URX 200 Rotary Table, the clamping torque is 400 Nm (@ 5 bar Pneumatic input pressure) and 900 Nm (@ 30 bar hydraulic pressure) against 250 Nm and 500 Nm respectively in URH series. Due to this, users can give higher cutting depths for their component. The users will be benefited by faster indexing, reduction in costs and increased productivity.



URX Series: UCAM’s New & Improved CNC Rotary Table

The new URX Series CNC Rotary Tables from the portfolio of UCAM rotary table products enables users to give higher cutting forces onto the components thus reducing the cycle time and increasing productivity.


URX Rotary Table

These Rotary Tables are with very high clamping torque generated by the new technology brake discs which are specially processed to generate higher frictional torque. Also the clamping area is increased to generate higher clamping forces. In URX 200 Rotary Table the clamping torque is 400 Nm (@ 5 bar Pneumatic input pressure) and 900 Nm (@ 30 bar hydraulic pressure) against 250 Nm & 500 Nm respectively in URH series. Due to this users can give higher cutting depths for his component or can go for one size smaller Rotary Table as compared to URH series (i.e. can work on URX-200 instead of URH-251 Rotary Table). In both cases users will be benefited by reduction in costs and improvement in productivity.

Apart from the higher clamping torque, the URX series is with a specially molded FRP motor guard which has helped in reduction of overall weight of the Rotary Table by 6%. 

Achieve 80% higher clamping torque compared (hydraulic clamping) to others

The URX series Rotary Table is available in four models: URX-180, URX-200, URX-250 and URX-320

cnc rotary tablecnc rotary tablecnc rotary table

        URX-320                      URX-250                    URX-200


  • Higher Clamping Torque
  • Higher Productivity
  • Higher Efficiency


Applicable Industries:-


About UCAM

UCAM, is a pioneer in CNC Rotary Tables in India, has established itself as a market leader in the field of precision CNC Rotary Director 1Indexing Tables.

Founded in 1986 by Mr. Indradev Babu, UCAM products are known for their Quality, Reliability and Performance in challenging and high demanding applications in various industries such as Automobile, Aerospace, Power Generation, Medical, Oil & Gas exploration, Pumps & Valves, General Engineering etc

Over the years, UCAM has diversified into new verticals under the brands Nimble Electric, Nimble Machines & UCAM Mechatronics.

Nimble Electric specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance Motors such as Torque Motors of various types, which finds applications not only in machine tools but also various industries like Agriculture, Aerospace, Automobile and Defense etc.

Nimble Machines, designs and manufactures precision Gear Hobbing Machines,  Efforts are on for Design and development of Thread Grinding Machines and Surface Grinding Machines.

UCAM Mechatronics is involved in trading  of specialized industrial products and deals with products like Spindles, Bellow Couplings, Torque Limiters, Rotary Union, and Linear Motion Products.